Dr Jin Sun

Senior Lecturer
School of Engineering

Research interests centre on granular materials and multiphase flow.
Our research focuses on mechanics and transport of granular materials and multiphase media. The main thrust is to understand the macroscopic behaviour of such materials from interactions at different spatial/temporal scales and to devise mathematical models for the rheology and dynamics. Multiscale modelling and computation is utilised as a paradigm, under which new methodology and tools are developed to solve the research problems.
DEM-CFD modelling of gas-solid flow dynamics in fluidised beds.
Algorithms and computing code are being developed for a hybrid simulation approach coupling discrete element (DEM) and computation fluid dynamics (CFD).
Constitutive modelling of dense granular materials.
Constitutive models are being developed to link microstructure and particle properties to macroscopic behaviour of dense granular flow.

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Dr Jin Sun
Dr Jin Sun