Dr Tom MacGillivray

Senior Research Fellow
School of Clinical Sciences

Current research interests:

  • Development of novel image processing algorithms for use in cutting-edge medical imaging and clinical research
  • Retinal image analysis combining multiple modes of scanning - fundus camera, Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope, OCT, Auto Fluorescence
  • Advance retinal analysis algorithm development - see VAMPIRE project for more details here.
  • Retinal imaging derived biomarker identification for neurodegeneration and systemic disease
  • Hub specialist equipment and expertise for performing retinal imaging and analysis via the Clinical Research Imaging Centre and CCBS - creating a world-leading Retinal Imaging Core Lab
  • Engage with Industry in improving the acquisition and broadening the application of retinal imaging
  • Develop retinal imaging as an effective way of monitoring disease severity or progression in neurodegeneration and other disease for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes

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Dr Tom MacGillivray
Dr Tom MacGillivray